MES was founded by late Dr. Abdul Gafoor in 1964. The farsighted vision of that great personality did miracles with MES, and was the corner stone of all success that MES achieved through years ! Let us have a short look at the personal profile of Dr. Abdul Ghafoor.


He was born on 25th December 1929 as son of Padiyath Manapatt Kochu Moideen Haji and Karukappadath Kunchachumma.

Education & Career
After completing his Graduation in 1951 from Alighar Muslim University he took the MBBS degree from Kerala University in 1957 (first batch of university). In 1958 he joined as the first tutor in Neurology at Kerala Govt. Medical College - Trivandrum. He took DTM &H from Edinburgh and worked as member staff of Edinburgh University under Prof.Norman Dutt and Prof.Simpson. He also obtained MRCP with specialisation in Neurology, and was promoted as Assistant Prof. Of medicine in Calicut Medical College. In 1971 he was promoted as Associate Professor at Calicut Medical College and he was awarded the FRCP in 1979.

An athlete champ, A Writer, An orator, A Co-ordinator
He was the Aligarh and Kerala University athletic champion .A powerful orator and writer who has authored the book "Rogangalum Rogikalum". In 1964 Dr. Abdul Gafoor materialized the idea of Muslim Educational Society and became the founder President of MES. After setting up MES, he went to every nook and corner and established schools, colleges, hostels, orphanages, ITCs etc. He was instrumental in organizing the All India MES and he organized educational conferences in Bombay, Delhi Patna, Hyderabad etc.. in which eminent national leaders like Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Gyani Zail Singh, Zakir Hussain and Fakrudheen Ali Ahamed participated. These conferences gave a fillip to Muslim educational movements all over India. Dr Gafoor was a member of many international bodies like RABITHA and was able to draw their attention to the problems of Indian Muslims.

After having lead the Muslim educational movement for two decades with his magnetic charisma that attracted a generation, Dr. Abdul Gafoor passed away on 23rd May 1984 at the age of 54. But still the name itself is an inspiration and beacon not only for MES but for the Indian Muslims at large!.

...a remarkable transformation in the educational status of Muslims in Kerala, MES.
Founded by late Dr. Abdul Ghafoor in 1964.
Educational, social and cultural uplift of the Indian Muslims.
MES is a democratic organisation run under the Societies Act.
MES  has introduced numerous social welfare programs for the benefit of the community.
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..there was natural formation of many MES units established in different parts of Saudi Arabia like Jeddah, Riyadh, Dhamam etc.
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