...a remarkable transformation in the educational status of Muslims in Kerala, MES.
Founded by late Dr. Abdul Gafoor in 1964.
Educational, social and cultural uplift of the Indian Muslims.
MES is a democratic organisation run under the Societies Act.
MES  has introduced numerous social welfare programs for the benefit of the community.
Our proud leaders are..
..there was natural formation of many MES units established in different parts of Saudi Arabia like Jeddah, Riyadh, Dhamam etc.
"We have miles to go and promises to keep"
The projects currently undergoing are ...
There are four categories of members ..
Please feel free to contact our office...
View daily news updates, messages, announcements ..

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Wanted: Principal/Asst. Professors/Librarian (UGC)/Librarian (IV Grade)/Typist in MES Aided Colleges

Admission to MES Women's College, Mampad

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